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Neither a follower nor a leader

I'll climb my own ladders, thank you

Nancy Jackson
External Services:
  • horrordiva@livejournal.com
What I write: horror, fantasy, erotic horror, and poetry

Where you can see my work: online, magazines, e-books, print books and anthologies.
Such as: Horror Carousel, FEAR Anthology, Small Bites, Nocturne Magazine, Macabre Magazine, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Night to Dawn, Vampire Hunters, Blackest Death II, Embark 2 Madness, Cthulhu Sex, Sacred Waters, Haunted Encounters, Shadows in the Night, and more.

What's upcoming for Nancy Jackson:My chapbook Personal Headspace, Project Contagion, Chainsaw Magazine, Echoes of Terror Anthology, Sha Daa Apoccalypse, Harvest Moon Hotel, Dark Sins and Desires Unveiled, and several anthologies I'm editing. http://www.nancyajackson.com

What else do I do:
1) Review on occasion

2) Edit

Dislikes:people who aren't open-minded, intolerance of any kind, religion enforcers, politics, most people in general actually, snow, extreme cold, extreme heat, hypocrites, judgmental people, bullies of any kind, foreplay, and really there's too much to list.

Likes:wine, chocolate, beaches, nature, candles, trees, anything Celtic, the dark recesses of my mind, writing, reading, listening to music, taking baths, forests, warm rain, the color blue, the color black, sweet whispers, hungry kisses, things that move me.

IMPORTANT: If you add me as a friend, chances are I'll happily add you back. However if you preach about religion and politics, chances are I'll either skim over your blog everyday or I'll delete you. Other chances of getting the boot include(and I add to this constantly): yammering about piddly shows like Desperate Housewives, daytime(or nighttime)soaps of any kind, come on here to comment or bitch about someone else, or you like to go meme crazy. These things bore me. I don't do T.V. so I won't connect with you. I don't publically talk down about other people, that stuff should stop at grade school. Fair warning. Otherwise, I'm very easy to get along with. Until you piss me off.

animal rights, anne of green gables, april, arabian horses, archery, attention, baby animals, baileys, balance, bats, being loved, belly dancing, beltane, black, bliss, blood red, blue, books, bowie, braless, breasts, brunettes, butterflies, candles, cats, caves, celtic, chai tea, chocolate, christopher walken, clapton, compassion, creme brulee, crimson, cthulhu sex, dancing, dark beauty, dark thoughts, dean koontz, deities, denim, dracula, dragonflies, drew barrymore, erotic horror, erotica, fangs, fast cars, fear, fencing, forests, four poster beds, freedom, fresh air, gary oldman, ghost stories, goddesses, goth, halloween, harry potter, haunted houses, hayworth, holland tulips, honesty, horror, imagination, ireland, iron candlebras, john wayne, johnny depp, katharine hepburn, kisses, ladybugs, leather, lennon, lighthouses, lord of the rings, lore, love, lucille ball, lust, magick, maureen o'hara, melodies, milkshakes, morphos, music, my partner, my son, mysticism, orchids, oregon, pagan, pale, passion, pasta, peace, pinot noir, pirates, poetry, pro-choice, promises, raw dog screaming press, reading, real people, redheads, rhythm, romance, samhain, satin, scarlet, scary movies, secrets, sex, shooting stars, silver, sparkly, spells, spongebob, stephen king, sultry, sunsets, supportive, swords, taking baths, taking walks, the beach, the moon, traveling, twilight, u2, underworld, vampires, vanilla, vanilla nut cream, velvet pillows, viggo mortensen, vintage, voluptuous women, warriors, weaveworld, wiccan, wind in the willows, wine, wood floors, woodstock, writing, xena